Connecting borrowers and lenders

Transforming banking to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding in India

About Us

Fundaura marketplace leverages advanced social tools, big data behavioural analytics and traditional credit scoring approaches to profile and assess risk. This enables Fundaura to provide faster turnaround times for borrowers seeking affordable credit and improved returns for investors.

Fast Loan Request

Fully online workflows to register, undergo credit assessment and apply for a loan using the web or a mobile device, so no need to send documentation through the post.

Managing Lending Risk

Investors can leverage advanced social tools and traditional credit assessment services to profile and assess potential borrowers as well as build lending syndicates to improve risk management.

Seamless Administration

All ongoing interest repayments and communications are executed automatically through Fundaura's secure administration and communication engine.


Our team has years of experience and expertise in finance and technology, with an in-depth understanding of the Indian credit economy.


Fundaura has the power and security of traditional banking technologies to enable fast and efficient loan execution and administration, but with the intelligent decision making and social communication tools users have come to rely on.


Platform learns about users Risk Appetite to prioritise and display loans that fit their requirements.


Complete online automated credit assessment and risk profiling workflow for borrowers, eliminating the need to post documents.


News feeds for platform users to follow and interact with events and news that are relevant and important to them


Syndicates to enable users to create open or private discussion and investment groups .


Quick and secure investment and administration through online wallets.


First time borrower profiles enable users to start building credit scores through micro loans.


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